What are the characteristics of digital signage system?

By  Sean Wong

Digital signage is considered the fifth medium and has an internal management system through which digital signage can be managed. The digital signage management system has numerous functions, including program production, schedule management, terminal management, terminal monitoring, permission management, advertising management, etc.

The advantages of digital signage systems are mainly reflected in centralized control management, real-time information release, stability, security, and other aspects. In addition, digital signage system also has the following characteristics:

1. The published information is managable

It can independently control and manage the content, and accurately define the playback location, playback time, and playback frequency of the published information.

2. Simple and easy-to-use  architecture

Visual editing, preview and editing of all material content, powerful program preview function, and fast system response speed.

A simple and clear editing interface allows operators to apply editing and publishing software to freely publish various text, icons, animations, videos, audio information and other digital information anytime and anywhere without special training. These various resources integrated into a “digital sign” and published in the form of advertisements.


3. Diversified information released

It can be pictures, text, images, and information can come from various channels such as television or the internet.

4. Rich forms of information release

Full screen playback, window playback, support for scrolling subtitles, multiple playback modes to choose from, and customizable publishing templates to play any screen.

5. Diversified broadcasting methods

Multiple playback modes such as regular playback, timed playback, timed insert, regular insert, and emergency subtitle are available to meet the needs of different scenarios and situations.

Similar to television advertisements and advertisements on the web. But with stronger targeting, more flexible and varied forms, and content that is also adaptable to demand. It can be mixed and used by borrowing various existing production tools, such as webpage production, VCD production, FLASH production, etc.


6. Supports multiple application scenarios

Supported by core technologies and features such as combined playback, dynamic screen splitting, group management, subtitle engine, and compatibility with external data in multimedia information publishing systems, multiple

The media display and information publishing system can flexibly applied in various usage scenarios.



Q1: In which industries have digital signature become an independent tool?

A1: digital signage has become independent in movie themes, automotive showrooms, supermarkets, stadiums, conferences, and trade shows

Q2: The development direction of digital signage system?

A2: Customer centric, combined with smart devices, intelligent interaction.

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