What Are the Advantages of Digital Signage?

By Iris Han

Digital signage is a digital device that displays multimedia content for information or advertising purposes. It refers to a multimedia professional audio-visual information system that releases business, financial, and entertainment information through large-screen terminal display equipment in public places such as large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and movie theaters. . In this article, we will explore the digital signage advantages.

Advantage 1: Good visibility

The resolution of digital signage is up to 4K, which can accurately display any image details, bring lifelike display effects, and make the picture display clear and real. Through the display of brightly colored pictures, it is helpful to improve people’s understanding and acceptance of information, and even plays an “eye-catching” role, providing better effects and benefits for advertising and information promotion.

Digital signage with big screen
Advantage 2: Various sizes

Digital signage products are available in various sizes, and different sizes can better meet the needs of different application scenarios. For example, for shopping mall elevator scenes with relatively small space, 21.5-inch small-sized signs can display advertising and promotion; 27-inch for catering, shoes and clothing, etc. 31.5-inch to 55-inch digital signage etc. Set up a multi-screen display; for brand experience stores, exhibition halls, and other scenes, you can use 65-inch to 98-inch digital signage to improve the level of the scene and create a grand look.

Digital signage animation
Advantage 3: Timeliness

Digital signage can update various display contents in real time to ensure the timeliness of information. For example, for stores, when there are new product launches, promotional activities, etc., there is no need to print relevant materials. And the relevant content can be directly replaced by background operations to display the latest information in real time. For airport aviation displays, subways, etc., flights and boarding gates, it can display in real time information to realize flight information guidance, and meet the needs of passenger flow information identification. And at the same time, it can timely follow up the check-in status of each flight; for medical scenarios, it can also present outpatient queuing information in real time, so that waiting people can queue up in advance, etc.

Virtual digital signage
Advantage 4: Saving cost

Compared with traditional signs, or even promotional materials such as KT boards, roll-ups, and light boxes, digital signage has another major advantage: the information content displayed can change and update at any time, which also makes digital signage more flexible and convenient. It is also more cost-effective. Especially for the advertising industry, using digital signage to display relevant marketing advertisements can not only reduce advertising production and distribution costs, but also better control the advertising effect.

Outdoor Digital signage
Advantage 5: High interactivity

Some digital signs also support interactive forms of touch writing, which can be used in shopping malls, restaurants and other scenarios. And they are more helpful for information inquiry, shopping guides, self-service ordering, etc. At the same time, digital signage can also feed back user data to further provide users with more precise services and promotions.

Digital signage in shopping mall

Digital signage with high definition and excellent image quality can often attract more potential consumer groups. Whether in retail scenarios or corporate office scenarios, it will help marketing conversion. We can choose digital signage of different sizes according to different scenes and different space sizes,so that it can better fit the scene and bring a more intuitive display effect.

User experience can further enhance through digital signage interactive. It can improve means and the stickiness between users and scenes.


Q1:Does digital signage support touch writing?

A1: Some digital signage also support touch writing, which can be used in shopping malls, restaurants and other scenarios.

Q2: How to control digital signage remotely?

A2: You can create display content, formulate content playback plans, and transfer them to hardware terminals distributed in any location at any time. You can also control the content and playback format of any terminal at any time, achieving global control in one step.

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