The world’s first IEEE international standard for Mass Customization is released


Recently, the IEEE official website announced that the IEEE 2672 (Guide for General Requirements of Mass Customization) was officially released. It fills the international gap in this field of research and practice.

It took 5 years for the standard formulation and COSMOPlat had been taken part in the whole process as a main character. In December 2017, IEEE approved the establishment of the IEEE mass customization working group which led by COSMOPlat and China Electronics Standardization Institute and other units drafting and formulating international standards for mass customization. After the launch of the standard, the experts of the working group held more than ten meetings to repeatedly discuss the technical content of the standard. In February 2023, the standard was officially approved by the IEEE Standard Review Committee.

This standard puts forward the general requirements for mass customization with user needs as the core, involving mass customization process, system architecture, key technologies, data formats and application methods, etc., designed and implemented large-scale customization for global manufacturing enterprises. The customized business model provides methodological guidance, which will help manufacturing companies understand user needs more accurately, reduce inventory, and increase profits.

At present, COSMOPlat continues to invest in technological innovation and platform capacity building. The scope of empowerment has covered many industry ecology such as molds, chemicals, and automobiles, and has been promoted and replicated in more than 20 countries around the world, proving the global popularity of the large-scale personalized customization model. In the future, COSMOPlat will continue to actively participate in the formulation of international standards, promote global collaboration, create a world-class industrial Internet platform with Chinese characteristics, help more “Chinese experience” to go overseas, and build a new ecology of digital economy shared by the world.

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