ISO Standard Released with COSMOPlat’s Commitment

ISO Standard Released with COSMOPlat’s Commitment.

ISO’s world’s first large-scale personalized customization international standard was officially released on September 14, Central European Time indicating that COSMOPlat has completed full coverage of the three major international standards organizations.

The mass personalized customization model can provide users with personalized products and services with low cost, high quality and efficiency of mass production. It is gradually replacing the traditional mass production method and becoming the mainstream production model in future society.

The international standard ISO PAS 62264-1 “Mass Personalized Customization Value Chain Management Part 1: Framework” stipulates the framework for mass personalized customization value chain management, including the framework model, functions, and information flow diagrams of mass personalized customization. It will provide methodological guidance for global manufacturing companies to design and implement large-scale personalized customization business models, helping manufacturing companies to more accurately understand user needs, reduce inventory, improve product differentiation and diversity, increase profits, and achieve incremental marginal utility.

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ISO Standard Released
ISO/PAS 24644-1:2023
COSMOPlat's meeting

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