Where can I buy high – quality Digital Signage?

By Joy Zhao

Nowadays, Giant displays are no longer just found in Times Square and sports stadiums. Digital signage and video walls can be found everywhere, such as retail stores and malls, event venues, public transportation hubs, fast food restaurants, schools and even doctors’ waiting rooms. These types of displays are classified as outdoor Digital (DOOH) displays. While most commonly used for advertising purposes, they are also used to present useful information to people in public, corporate, event and entertainment Spaces.

Digital Signage Application Scenarios

Digital signage usually refers to a network of interconnected screens where information can be displayed and changed in real time. Many companies are finding that the presence of a large display can mean a huge impact. And they are utilizing the power of digital signage in creative ways. For example, a digital signage for a coffee shop can adapt to real-time weather conditions: In a cold day, it shows a hot cup of coffee and a doughnut; In hot days, an iced coffee drink may appear.

digital signage application scenarios

Factors Influencing Quality

When configuring and installing video walls and digital signage, some key considerations can significantly affect performance. The first is the environment. Is the display installed outdoors, semi-outdoors (or indoors near a window), or completely indoors? Ambient lighting conditions may affect the visual performance of the display, depending on where it is installed. For example, bright outdoor conditions require a very bright display. And the display must have excellent chroma performance and contrast to ensure visibility. When the display is a transparent type, the challenge of maintaining content clarity in variable ambient light conditions is even greater.

digital signage in underground station
building commercial display

View angle is also an important consideration. Is a digital display going to be used primarily by a single user standing directly in front (e.g., an airline check-in kiosk), or is it intended to be viewed by people who may be passing by and seeing a display from a variety of angles? If the objective is maximum visibility, such as for paid advertising exposure, then the display needs to be easily viewed from different angles.

LCD, LED, OLED And Micro OLED Technologies Are Applied In Different Scenarios

Advances in display technologies such as LCD, LED, OLED and recently introduced Micro LED, combined with improvements in transparent displays, have improved visual quality and user experience of displays, which will also help drive the market growth.

The factor that determines the choice of screen technology is usually the intended size of the display. For oversized billboards or stadium displays, LED technology is preferred. Small LED (light-emitting diode) clusters are not only energy efficient, but also bright and vivid colors that can be easily seen even in outdoor ambient lighting conditions. Smaller displays often use LCD screens because of their affordability and ease of installation. LCD screens can be up to 95 “in size and offer 4K resolution, which perform better in indoor applications due to limited brightness output and contrast

bus station display
digital signage

COSMOPlat Are Dedicated To Offer Clients High Quality Digital Signage

Haier COSMOPlat has over 23 years’ experience of LCD display solution and the dimension of digital signage we can do is from 21.5 inch to 86 inch. With strong and stable supply chain, we offer our clients with good quality and performance of digital signage. You’d like to click the link https://cosmoplat-global.com/lcd-module/ and check it out.


Q1: What are the factors influencing the quality of Digital Signage?

A1: Usually the larger the screen is, the stricter the standard is. And it’s also related to the required operating environment and economic consideration.

Q2: Where to buy high quality Digital Signage?

A2: Except for famous brand LG, Samsung, etc. Haier COSMOPlat is also recommended.

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