COSMOPlat Published Its Industrial Internet Platform Results in 2023 Hannover Messe


On April 17, the 2023 Hannover Messe was grandly opened in Germany. As the Chinese Industrial Internet platform participating in this Hannover Messe, COSMOPlat participated in the exhibition bringing Future Factories, Industrial Brains, Etc. Eight major solutions altogether and nine major industry cases, including automobile and energy.

On the first day, experts and scholars from Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft ISST, International Data Center (IDC) Europe, World Economic Forum (WEF) and many other authoritative international institutions came to the COSMOPlat booth. After visiting and experiencing, experts and scholars all affirmed the development achievements of the platform. It is expected that COSMOPlat will play a more significant role in the international collaboration and global empowerment of the Industrial Internet.

“COSMOPlat has taken the lead in building a valuable ‘bridge’ for data space cooperation among countries worldwide, which will bring huge potential data productivity to the global manufacturing industry.” Based on more than two years of projects and research cooperation, Boris Otto, director of the Institute of Software and System Engineering of the German Fraunhofer Association, member of the International Data Space Association and Gaia-X AISBL board of directors, highly affirmed the ecological link and data support function of the platform.

And this is not the statement of Boris Otto. As one of the international scholars who continue to pay attention to the growth of COSMOPlat, Professor Egon Müller of Chemnitz University of Technology also said, after the visit that compared with the exhibition content in 2019, this year’s booth displayed COSMOPlat’s development achievements of the past few years, especially in the software which are more mature. For example, the newly launched BaaS Industrial Brain shows that the platform can freely handle the big data behind intelligent manufacturing, which is of great significance to the development of intelligent manufacturing.

As Professor Müller said, the mass customization model pioneered by COSMOPlat turns the one-time transaction relationship between enterprises and users into a lifelong relationship of long-term interaction and co-creation, creating and sharing value for all ecological parties around user needs. It provides a foundation to help companies solve internal problems such as demand changes and quality traceability, breaks down the “barriers” between companies, and promotes broader ecological cooperation in upstream and downstream fields such as design, raw material supply, and technology.

This ecological value has also become the core reason global companies choose COSMOPlat. Alexandros Coulouris, deputy general manager of Europe HONGFA Co., Ltd., who reached strategic cooperation with COSMOPlat at the Hannover Messe, said: “We hope that through COSMOPlat’s borderless Industrial Internet ecological empowerment, more products will be integrated. A variety of personalized solutions can truly enter thousands of industries and help the digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.”

Whether it is the affirmation and expectation of international institutions and industry scholars or the firm choice of global ecological partners, COSMOPlat, which has received “high praise” at Hannover Messe, also reveals the quiet changes in the development direction of the global industry.

Facing the new wave of industrial transformation and high-quality, sustainable development, “Looking to the East” has become the common understanding of academic circles and business representatives. Hubertus von Monschau, global director of trade exhibition and product management at Hannover Messe, also said in an interview that China’s rapid development is impressive and shows great potential. “Therefore, China and Germany can learn from each other’s strengths, realize win-win cooperation, and accelerate the pace of innovation, which will contribute to the world’s sustainable development in various fields including industry, economy, and health.”

Taking this participation as an opportunity, COSMOPlat will continue to expand and deepen international cooperation, accelerate industry openness and collaboration, link the world with a borderless and continuously evolving Industrial Internet ecosystem, and help more companies realize their grand vision of digital transformation.

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