COSMOPlat helps ecological partners win the IDC China Future Enterprise Award

The 2023 Eighth IDC China Digital Transformation Annual Ceremony took place in Beijing recently. During the annual ceremony, the organizers announced several awards.The 2023 IDC China Future Enterprise Award aimed to recognize exceptional companies on their journey towards digital transformation. Its secondary goal was to facilitate the sharing of successful practices among these companies.

Two remarkable companies were recognized at the 2023 IDC China Future Enterprise Award.

Conch (Anhui) Energy Saving and Environmental Protection New Materials Co., Ltd., also known as “Conch New Materials”. And Qingdao Hainuo Bioengineering Co., Ltd., also known as “Hainuo Bio.”The prestigious “2023 IDC China Future Enterprise Award” honored the two companies.

Conch New Materials received the “Future Enterprise of the Year” award for their collaboration with COSMOPlat. Due to the creating the “Industry-level Profile Doors and Windows Industrial Internet Platform.” Hainuo Bio was recognized as the “Future Connection Leader” for their exceptional work in digitizing equipment management through the “Digital Connection of Equipment Management Platform.”

COSMOPlat‘s dedication to digital and green collaboration was pivotal in creating the Conch New Materials Industrial Internet Platform. The “2023 IDC China Sustainable Development Pioneer Cases” category selected this platform as a leading case for sustainable development. COSMOPlat’s commitment to harnessing technology and fostering eco-friendly practices drove its development. By combining digital innovation and environmental consciousness, COSMOPlat and the Conch New Materials Industrial Internet Platform are paving the way for sustainable development in China.

COSMOPlat has been deeply engaged in digital technology innovation and empowerment.

As a leading cross-industry Industrial Internet platform. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has recognized COSMOPlat for five years. It focuses on digital technology innovation and empowerment, driving businesses digital transformation.

COSMOPlat and Conch New Materials collaborated to create an industry-level industrial Internet platform for profiled doors and windows. This platform facilitated digital transformation for enterprises in the sector. Resulting in over 16,000 orders and sales revenue exceeding 500 million yuan since September 2022. To support small and medium-sized enterprises, the platform registered nearly 5,000 suppliers and established an initial industrial supermarket product display area.

COSMOPlat, in collaboration with Hainuo Biotech, has successfully implemented a digital upgrade for enterprise equipment management. COSMOPlat, with its intelligent equipment management platform, aided Hainuo Biotech in overcoming equipment-related challenges. This led to a 55% increase in equipment management efficiency. A 15% decrease in failure rate. 100% faster response time for failures and a 45% improvement in maintenance efficiency.

Not only limited to enterprises, COSMOPlat‘s digital empowerment has achieved significant results in industrial parks as well. COSMOPlat’s Anhui Smart Carbon Energy Industrial Internet Platform supports green and low-carbon energy development in Anhui Province. It features an intelligent control center with 13 functions. Energy and carbon flow data display, new energy management, and power generation prediction included. In Xiatang Industrial Park, the platform facilitated a green power generation of around 300 million kWh, leading to a yearly carbon reduction of 230,000 tons.

The IDC China Future Enterprise Awards and other related awards consider one of the most authoritative awards in the field of ICT in China. COSMOPlat has received this prestigious award multiple times over the years for empowering businesses.

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