China's 500 Most Valuable Brands: COSMOPlat ranks FIRST in the Internet Industry


On June 15th 2023, the 20th “World Brand Conference and China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” was held in Beijing. COSMOPlat, with a brand value of 86.826 billion, has ranked first in the industrial Internet industry for four consecutive years and is also the only enterprise in the industrial Internet industry selected as one of the top 100 companies.

It is understood that this conference is hosted by the World Brand Lab (WBL) and invites experts and professors from the world’s top universities, senior managers of well-known brands, and many distinguished guests from academic circles to bring the most cutting-edge brand research and strategy sharing in the world. Witness the “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” announcement. After 20 years of deep cultivation in brand value evaluation, the World Brand Lab has become one of the industry’s most authoritative and influential evaluation organizations. It is a weather vane for measuring the value of world brands.

China's 500 Most Valuable Brands: COSMOPlat ranks FIRST in the Internet Industry

As one of the earliest enterprises in China to explore the Industrial Internet, COSMOPlat strives for the global voice on behalf of China and has been recognized by all parties around the world.

In China, COSMOPlat has ranked first in the “cross-industry and cross-field” Industrial Internet platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for four consecutive years and will once again rank first in the dynamic evaluation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2023.

Internationally, COSMOPlat ranks among the leaders in the Forrester Industrial Internet Quadrant of the global technology vane; in terms of international data space construction, it has become the only Chinese company outside the European Union invited to build the German Federal Cloud jointly; in terms of international standards, it leads and participates in the formulation of international standards related to the Industrial Internet of the four major standard organizations of ISO, IEEE, IEC and UL; at the 2023 Hannover Messe, COSMOPlat is the only representative of China’s Industrial Internet to demonstrate the advanced technology such as the Industrial Brain, Digital Twin Future Factory, Etc. The application of technology has been praised and recognized by international experts.

Leading by technology, pushing the brand boundary in the future

How does the brand owner control technology in the new field, find innovation breakthroughs, and plan the next move? The theme of the World Brand Summit is “Global Branding in the Age of AI and Web 3.0: Pushing the Boundaries,” aiming to gather global wisdom.

Focusing on Industrial AI, COSMOPlat independently builds the BaaS Industrial Brain, which has accumulated more than 5,000 artificial intelligence algorithms and industrial mechanism models, making scene applications more “smart.” As the base of the BaaS Industrial Brain, the BaaS Digital Industrial Operating System has realized the “comprehensive intelligent connection” of wide-area resources, the “deep, intelligent integration” of heterogeneous data, and the “precise, intelligent control” of collaborative scheduling. With the BaaS engine as the core, COSMOPlat uses Digital Twins, Industrial mechanism models and other core modules to integrate industrial applications upwards and access industrial equipment downwards, empowering the intelligent transformation of enterprises of different industries and scales.

To create a new industrial Internet ecology and the global Internet of Things ecological brand, COSMOPlat will continue to penetrate technological innovation and scene exploration, enrich its platform resources and brand value connotations, build a more open innovation ecology, create an international industrial Internet ecological brand with international influence, and help promote the high-quality global digital economy development.

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