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Welcome to COSMOPlat

COSMOPlat is an industrial Internet unicorn company incubated by Haier based on its nearly 40 years of manufacturing experience. COSMOPlat provides digital transformation solutions for businesses from different industries and of different scales around the world, promotes the spread of new models and new business forms, empowers the digital transformation of businesses, industrial parks, industries, and cities, and contributes to the high-quality development of digital economy.

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Ecological Brand

¥86.826B Brand Value

COSMOPlat ranked first in the industrial Internet industry for four years with a brand value of 86.826 billion.

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7 Lighthouse Factories

With mass customization as the core, it realizes end-to-end connection of the entire value chain by deploying a scalable digital platform, lighting up 7 lighthouse factories.

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20 Connected Factories

COSMOPlat promotes lighthouse to 133 factories and 20 interconnected factories around the world, letting the light of the lighthouse illuminate various countries around the world.

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15 Industries Ecology

By deepening vertical industries, strengthening specific fields, and broadening global replication, COSMOPlat has nurtured 15 industry ecosystems including chemicals, molds, equipment.

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As an industry-leading industrial Internet platform, COSMOPlat continuously consolidates its own business capabilities, providing users with compliant, safe and efficient services. As a socially responsible company, COSMOPlat is committed to public service and standards leadership.

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